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Tome AI

Creating tempting presentations can be a challenge.

It would be best to have something that looks fantastic, clearly communicates your ideas, and only takes a lifetime to build.

Slide decks are boring and take forever to make. You need something cool that’s easy and quick to do.

Try Tome AI. This innovative tool promises stunning presentations powered by artificial intelligence.

Tome AI
Tome AI

Do you need help to fill an empty slide? Tome AI generates text, images, and even outlines in seconds. Build a compelling presentation in minutes rather than hours.

What is Tome AI?

Imagine swapping out a big, old history book for a fantastic, fresh slideshow!

That’s the concept behind Tome AI. This AI tool uses artificial intelligence to transform your ideas into a full presentation within minutes.

Think of a “tome” as a giant book packed with tons of information—it’s like the whole story in one big chunk!

Tome AI precisely takes your ideas and crafts them into a visually engaging, comprehensive presentation.

Tome AI

Who Created Tome AI?

Keith Peiris, a former product leader at renowned tech companies like Instagram and Facebook, founded Tome AI.

Their inspiration comes from the Latin “tomus,” which means a single section of a more extensive work, and “tondēre,” which means to shear or cut.

This reflects their vision: to cut away the tedious parts of presentation building, leaving you with a polished, impactful tome.

Tome AI empowers everyone to create presentations that communicate ideas effectively and quickly.

Top Benefits of Tome AI

  • Speed: Tome AI helps you write and form presentations faster than ever. Its AI generates text, images, and tables, saving precious time.
  • Visual Appeal: No more worrying about boring designs. Tome AI creates visually engaging presentations that capture attention, akin to beautiful, illustrated tomes.
  • Storytelling Focus: With Tome AI, you can easily craft presentations with a straightforward narrative and sense of flow.
  • Ease of Use: A user friendly interface allows you to create stunning presentations without design expertise.
  • Versatility: Tome AI adapts to various needs. Use it for sales presentations, training materials, or even to pitch new ideas.
  • data Integration: Incorporate charts, graphs, and up-to-date web data directly into your slides for extra impact.
  • Inspiration: Get started with AI-powered suggestions. Need a spark? Tome AI can generate examples, outlines, and full presentations based on your prompt. Let it be your starting note!
Tome AI

Best Features of Tome AI

Forget those old, boring ways of making slide presentations. Tome AI offers a whole new set of tools! It has excellent features that make presentations more accessible, faster, and fun.

AI Does the Hard Work

Remember the Latin word “tondēre” (to cut)? Tome AI cuts out much of the work for you. Need text for a slide? The AI writes the words. Want an excellent image? Done! Tome AI generates ideas, text, and visuals so you can focus on getting your point across.

Tome AI

Presentations That Pop

No more basic, blah presentations. Tome AI helps you design beautiful slides that grab attention. It suggests layouts, colors, and images that will make your message shine. Think of transforming a dusty page from an old book into a dynamic, modern presentation.

Tome AI

Build Your Story

Tome AI helps you tell a story with your presentation. It guides you in arranging your slides in a sense order, ensuring a smooth flow from start to finish.

Easy to Use

Tome AI is designed to be simple, even if you’re not a tech whiz. You won’t have to struggle with confusing menus or settings. Just tell the AI what you want, and it gets to work!

Idea Starter

Do you need help? Still, trying to figure out where to begin? Tome AI is your brainstorming buddy!

Give it a simple prompt, and it will suggest examples, outlines, and a whole presentation to get those pages filled and your presentation off the ground.

Plus, you can access data tables and more to back up your ideas.

Tome AI

Tome AI Pricing

Tome AI offers flexible pricing plans to fit different needs. Here’s a breakdown:

Plan NamePrice (Monthly)Key Features
Basic$0* 500 AI credits*
Professional$20* Unlimited AI credits*
EnterpriseCustom pricing* Unlimited AI credits + advanced features *
Tome AI

Additional Notes:

  • AI credits are used to generate text, images, and other content.
  • Enterprise plans include dedicated support and customizable features.
  • Contact Tome AI sales for Enterprise plan details.

Tome AI Pros and Cons

Before diving into any new tool, weighing the benefits and potential drawbacks is wise. Here’s a quick look at the highlights and limitations of Tome AI:


  • Time-saving: AI-powered generation speeds up the presentation creation process.
  • Visually appealing: Produces polished slides with attractive layouts and visuals.
  • Easy to use: Intuitive interface, no design expertise required.
  • Idea generator: Provides inspiration and starting points.


  • Potential for generic output: AI may sometimes produce less original content.
  • Limited customization: Customization options may be less extensive than traditional slide design software.
  • Cost: Pro and Enterprise plans can be an investment.
  • Internet reliance: Requires an internet connection to function.

Tome AI Alternatives

While Tome AI is a powerful tool, exploring other options is always good. Here are a few popular alternatives:

  • is a strong contender in the AI-powered presentation space. It is known for its sleek design templates and customization options.
  • Pitch: Excellent for collaborative presentations and teams. Offers real-time editing, version control, and powerful analytics features
  • SlidesAI: Simplifies presentation creation and focuses on speed and efficiency. It’s a good option if you need to build presentations very quickly.
  • Canva is a versatile design platform with robust presentation creation capabilities. It is excellent if you already use Canva and want a familiar interface.

Personal Experience with Tome AI

My team recently needed to create a compelling pitch deck for a new product launch – and we were short on time. Here’s how Tome AI came to the rescue:

Tome AI
  • Speed: We outlined our fundamental ideas, and Tome AI quickly filled in the rest. It generated entire slides with text and images, saving us hours.
  • Visuals: The AI-suggested layouts and image choices were surprisingly on-point. This elevated the deck’s look and feel without needing a dedicated designer.
  • Storytelling: Tome AI helped us organize our pitch into a logical flow. This made it easier for potential investors to follow our narrative.
  • Inspiration: When we felt stuck, we used the “generate examples” feature, which gave us fresh perspectives and angles to explore.

Result: We put together a professional-looking pitch deck in record time. Tome AI’s features gave us an edge, and we were able to present our product vision confidently.

Final Thoughts

Tome AI makes presentation creation a whole lot easier.

It writes, designs, and helps you tell a story on your slides. If you hate making slide decks, this could be a game-changer.

It’s great for busy people and those who want their presentations to look amazing.

Ready to give it a try? The free plan is a fantastic way to test the waters!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Tome AI’s free and paid plans?

The free plan offers 500 AI credits per month for generating content. Paid plans provide unlimited credits, advanced features, and dedicated support options.

Can I use my images and branding in Tome AI presentations?

Yes! You can upload your own images and company logos and customize fonts and colors to align your presentations with your brand guidelines.

Can I export my Tome AI presentations?

You can export your presentations in various formats, including PDF, PowerPoint (PPTX), and HTML. This ensures compatibility with different presentation platforms.

Does Tome AI work offline?

No, Tome AI currently requires an internet connection to function. Its AI capabilities rely on cloud-based processing.

Does Tome AI integrate with other tools?

Tome AI offers integrations with popular tools like Google Drive, Slack, and others. Check their website for the most up-to-date integration list.

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