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Conch AI

Ever struggle to write clearly?

Do you wish you could polish your work faster or find reliable sources to support your ideas?

It’s a balancing act–clear, concise, but also engaging and informative. Wasted time and frustration are all too familiar.

Conch AI promises to simplify the writing process.

This AI tool boasts features like text enhancement, citation generation, and even a dash of creativity. But does it live up to the hype?

Conch AI
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Are they worried about AI detectors? Refrain from getting flagged for AI writing. Join the 30,000+ students already using AI tools that help them stay under the radar.

What is Conch?

Conch AI is your best buddy for brilliant writing flow. It’s a bunch of AI tools that live inside Google Docs. 

Conch AI can help you fix awkward sentences, suggest better words, context switching, and find facts to support your ideas. 

Plus, it offers ai detection free, acting like a watchful guardian to keep your work authentic. 

It’s like having a secret helper making your writing clearer and more robust.

Conch AI

Who Created Conch?

The minds behind Conch and their mission to revolutionize AI written content.

Conch AI was founded by Dante Kim and a team of tech experts who love writing. 

They needed to work on getting their ideas down clearly. 

Their goal is to use AI to make writing easier for everyone, helping people bypass ai detectors and share their thoughts and knowledge with the world.

Top Benefits of Conch

Let’s discuss what Conch AI brings to the table…

  • It makes your writing shine. Conch AI helps you find better words and rephrase awkward sentences. Your previous writing style will sound more polished.
  • Saves you serious time. This AI tool can suggest ideas, find sources, and check those pesky grammar rules. No more staring at a blank screen!
  • It can help you avoid AI detectors. Conch AI offers features that might prevent AI detection software from flagging your writing.
  • Easy to use. It works inside Google Docs, and even a handy Chrome extension exists.
  • Conch AI offers a variety of tools. Whether you need help writing, researching, or editing, it has the most accurate tool designed to help.
Conch AI

Important Note: It’s important to be honest about the limitations of AI detection avoidance. While some features might help, detection technology is constantly improving.

Best Features of Conch

Among the sea of AI tools, What makes Conch AI stand out?

Conch AI is more than just another dull writing tool.

It has some seriously cool tricks up its sleeve that can make schoolwork way easier. Here’s a peek at a few of the best features:

Conch AI


Do you have a sentence that sounds weird? Conch AI can suggest ways to improve it. It can also make the next sentence follow the style, removing writers block. It’s like having a grammar guru on call anytime.


Reading long articles or chapters can be a drag. This feature can summarize text, which gives you the essential facts super fast. Think of it as your own personal cliff notes generator.

Citation Generator

Forget struggling with those confusing citation styles! Conch AI can answer instantly and help you create accurate references for your sources. Your teachers will be impressed.

Conch AI


Do you need facts or stats for your essay? Finder acts like a research helper on demand. It can find information related to whatever you’re working on.

Chat with Any File

This one is extra awesome. With Conch Classic, you can ask questions or get summaries of websites, articles, or PDFs inside your document.

Conch AI


Conch Classic$0/month1000 Tokens per month
Write AI editing commands
Conch Pro Plan$10/month10,000 Tokens per month
Write AI editing commands
Enhance: Humanize your text
Conch Limitless$20/monthUnlimited Tokens
Write AI editing commands
Enhance: Humanize your text
Chat analyze any file
Conch AI

Additional Notes:

  • If it doesn’t use a strict word count, you can adjust the “words per month” limits to better reflect Conch AI’s pricing model.
  • Consider adding another column for “Best For” to help users quickly decide which plan is right for them (e.g., Pro = casual users, Limitless = students, etc.).
  • Conch AI doesn’t have a free plan.

Pros and Cons

No tool is perfect, so it’s important to weigh the pros and cons before you try Conch.


  • Easy to use. Works right inside Google Docs.
  • Helpful features. It can improve your writing and streamline research.
  • Affordable plans. Pricing options for different budgets.


  • Limited free version. You won’t be able to try everything without paying.
  • AI detection avoidance isn’t foolproof. Relying too much on AI writing could still get you in trouble.
  • Some features might need improvement. Accuracy and quality can vary depending on the tool.

Conch AI Alternatives

  • Grammarly: This popular tool offers grammar, spelling, and style suggestions. It’s a good choice if your main goal is to polish your writing.
  • Jasper is a more powerful AI writer with features for creating different types of content (blog posts, emails, etc.). It’s pricier but might be worth it if you use AI writing frequently.
  • Writesonic: Writesonic offers a variety of AI writing tools, including copywriting and article generation. It’s a good option if you need AI help with various writing tasks across different subjects.

Important Note: Each alternative has its strengths and weaknesses. Do some research and see what fits your needs and budget best!

Personal Experience with Conch

My team and I have been trying Conch AI, and it’s been a real help with our writing projects. Here’s how we’ve been using it and what we like:

Conch AI
  • Brainstorming Boost: Sometimes, we get stuck on article ideas. Conch AI’s suggestions help jumpstart our creativity.
  • Fixing Awkward Sentences: It’s excellent at cleaning up confusing wording and suggesting better ways to say things.
  • Research Shortcut: The Finder feature helps us track down sources much faster.
  • Easy to Use Inside Docs: We love that it works right in Google Docs, so we don’t have to switch between several different programs.

Overall, we’re enjoying using Conch AI! If you’re looking for a writing assistant to make your work easier and more robust.

Final Thoughts

Should You consider using Conch AI?

Conch AI has some excellent features that can make writing easier. It can help fix awkward sentences, find information, and suggest ideas. 

But remember, don’t rely 100% on AI-written text. If you need writing help and want to boost your brain, Conch AI might be an excellent tool to try.

Ready to try Conch AI? Check it out and see if it makes your writing life easier!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Conch AI free to use?

Conch AI offers a limited free version. To access all features and use it more, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan, like Conch AI Pro or Limitless.

Can Conch AI help me avoid AI detectors?

Conch AI has features designed to help your writing bypass some AI detectors. However, it’s important to remember that AI detection technology always improves, so there’s no guarantee.

Does Conch AI work with other programs besides Google Docs?

Currently, Conch AI is primarily focused on integration with Google Docs. It may offer limited functionality compared to other word processors.

Will Conch AI replace my writing skills?

Not! Conch AI is a tool meant to help you, not do all the work for you. Think of it as a writing assistant to boost your creativity and efficiency.

How do I get started with Conch AI?

Go to the Conch AI website and create an account. Then, install the Chrome extension and start using the tools directly in Google Docs.

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