Surfer SEO Review 2024

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Surfer SEO

Ranking your website on Google feel impossible? 

Struggling to find the right keywords to target?

It’s like you’re lost at sea, with no clear direction to get your content noticed; endless hours spent on SEO tools leave you more confused than when you started.

Surfer SEO could be the lifesaver you need.

This powerful tool helps with keyword research, content optimization, and outranking the competition.

Ready to dive in and see if Surfer SEO is worth it in 2024?

Surfer SEO
Surfer SEO

Cut your keyword research time in half! Surfer SEO streamlines the process, helping you quickly find the terms that will give your content a boost on search engines.

What is Surfer SEO?

Think of Surfer SEO as your website’s coach.

It’s an SEO tool that helps your content get the highest rankings on search engines like Google.

Surfer SEO is a fantastic keyword research tool and your secret weapon for finding the best keywords to use.

It also helps make sure your writing matches what people are searching for.

If you want other options, there are Surfer SEO alternatives, but Surfer is one of the best!

Surfer SEO

Who Created Surfer SEO?

Surfer SEO was created by a group of regular people who wanted to make ranking on Google easier.

  • Lucjan Suski: Former CEO, a key figure in the early development of Surfer SEO.
  • Michal Suski: Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Plays a major role in Surfer SEO’s marketing and content strategy.
  • Slawek Czajkowski: Co-founder
  • Tomasz Niezgoda: Co-founder
  • Kazik Piętka: Co-founder

They understood how hard it is to write great articles that also rank well.

Their goal was to make a content optimization tool that helped websites compete with the big guys.

Surfer SEO even has a built-in content editor for writing amazing content!

Top Benefits of Surfer SEO

  • Find the Perfect Keywords: Surfer SEO gives you tons of keyword ideas, so you always know the best terms to target. It even lets you see how hard it is to rank for a keyword!
  • Outrank Competitors: See exactly what top-ranking pages are doing right with the SERP analyzer. Surfer tells you how to make your content even better.
  • Write with Confidence: Surfer’s content editor gives you real-time feedback. It checks for keyword density, relevant keywords, word count, and more to help you optimize content perfectly.
  • Save Time: Surfer SEO streamlines the whole SEO process. You’ll spend less time on research and more time creating awesome content.
  • Boost Your Results: Focusing on on-page SEO is a key part of a winning SEO game. It will attract a grat number of organic traffic from search engine results pages.
Surfer SEO

Best Features of Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is different from other SEO tools by offering a powerful mix of analysis and creation tools.

It helps you find the right keywords to target and then gives you everything you need to create content that ranks.

Here’s a look at its top features:

1. SERP Analyzer

Ever wish you could peek behind the curtain of Google’s top results? The SERP Analyzer lets you do just that.

It breaks down what the top-ranking pages are doing right – word count, keyword usage, structure, and more. This helps you make your content even better!

Surfer SEO

2. Content Editor

The content editor is where you write and optimize your content. Surfer SEO analyzes your work in real-time, showing your score based on factors like keyword density, relevant keywords, and target keyword usage.

It’s like having an SEO expert look over your shoulder!

Surfer SEO

3. Keyword Research

Surfer’s research tools can help you find a treasure trove of keyword ideas.

You can get suggestions for related questions and keywords people are asking and even see a breakdown of competitor keywords. Plus, Surfer shows you how difficult it is to rank for each keyword.

Surfer SEO

4. Grow Flow

This feature is amazing for beginners or those needing a content strategy boost. Grow Flow analyzes your site and suggests topics to write about.

It helps you target keywords with the potential to bring in the most traffic.

5. Google Docs Integration

Surfer SEO works seamlessly with Google Docs, letting you optimize your content right where you write it. This saves a ton of time switching between different tools.

Surfer SEO


Plan NameMonthly PriceFeatures
Essential$89Keyword Research, Invite 2 members.
Scale$129Audit, Keyword Research, Invite 5 members.
Scale AI$219Audit, Keyword Research, Invite 5 members, Personalized Onboarding.
EnterpriseCustomAudit, Keyword Research, Custom team size, Personalized Onboarding, Priority Support, SERP Analyzer, White Label, API.
Surfer SEO

Pros and Cons

Choosing the right SEO tool is important. Let’s take a quick look at Surfer SEO’s advantages and disadvantages to help you decide if it’s the right fit.


  • Powerful Content Optimization: Get real-time guidance to create perfectly optimized content.
  • Excellent for Competitor Analysis: Reverse engineer what your competitors are doing right.
  • Intuitive Interface: Surfer SEO is very user-friendly, even for those new to SEO.
  • Time-Saver: Streamline the entire process of keyword research and content optimization.
  • Keyword Surfer Extension: A handy free tool for quick keyword research right in your browser.


  • Can Be Pricey: Surfer SEO is more expensive than some SEO tool alternatives.
  • Limited Keyword Research Depth: While solid, the keyword research tool doesn’t always have great data for low-volume keywords.
  • Some Features Feel Unfinished: Parts of Surfer SEO, like Grow Flow, sometimes give generic or odd suggestions.

Surfer SEO Alternatives

  • Similar to Surfer, Frase is an AI-powered content optimization tool. Its strengths are content briefs and helping you research a topic.
  • MarketMuse: MarketMuse goes deeper with content analysis and strategy planning. It’s good for large teams needing complex content planning.
  • SE Ranking: A full-featured SEO suite, SE Ranking offers a content editor, rank tracking, backlink analysis, and more. It’s a good choice if you need an all-in-one SEO tool.
  • Clearscope: Clearscope is another strong contender for content optimization. It offers a streamlined interface and focuses heavily on in-depth content grading.
  • SEMrush: While known for its wide range of SEO tools, SEMrush also offers a content marketing toolkit that includes topic research and optimization features.

Important Note: The best alternative depends on your specific needs and budget. It’s always worth trying the free trials or demos before committing to a particular tool!

Personal Experience with Surfer SEO

My team and I have used Surfer SEO for over a year now, and it’s made a big difference in how we do content marketing!

Here’s a quick breakdown of why we love it:

Surfer SEO
  • Finding the Right Keywords: Surfer makes it super easy to find keywords we can actually rank for. We no longer waste time on terms that are too competitive. Before, we had to try a bunch of different SEO tools to find good keywords, but Surfer SEO vs. the others makes it much simpler.
  • Beating Our Competition: The SERP Analyzer is amazing. It lets us see what our rivals are doing, and then we can improve our content.
  • The Content Editor Saves Us Time: We used to stress about optimization, but the content editor makes it a breeze. We write content directly in Surfer, and it gives us tips as we go.
  • Our Traffic Has Climbed: Since using Surfer SEO, our search engine traffic has increased! We’re getting more visitors and reaching a wider audience.

Overall, Surfer SEO definitely gets our thumbs up!

Final Thoughts

Surfer SEO is a high-powered tool that makes writing awesome, search-engine-friendly content a whole lot easier.

It helps you find the right keywords, see what your competitors are doing, and write perfectly optimized pieces.

While it can be a bit pricey, Surfer SEO is a worthwhile investment if you’re serious about boosting your search rankings and getting more traffic.

Ready to give your content a challenging edge? Try Surfer SEO’s free trial today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Surfer SEO worth the price?

It depends on your needs and goals! Surfer SEO is an investment. If you’re serious about improving your SEO and creating content that ranks, it’s definitely worth considering. The free trial is a great way to see if it’s the right fit for you.

Does Surfer SEO have a free version?

No, but Surfer SEO has a 7-day free trial that lets you test out all its features with no commitment. This is a great way to experience the platform before making a decision.

Can I use Surfer SEO with WordPress?

Yes! Surfer SEO has a WordPress plugin that allows you to optimize content directly within your WordPress editor. It makes the workflow super smooth.

Is Surfer SEO beginner-friendly?

Absolutely! Surfer SEO’s interface is designed to be user-friendly, even for newcomers to SEO. They also offer great resources and tutorials to help you get started.

What are the best Surfer SEO alternatives?

Some popular alternatives include, MarketMuse, SE Ranking, and Clearscope. The best choice for you totally depends on your specific needs and budget.

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