InVideo Review 2024: Should You Use It?

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Creating engaging videos can be time-consuming & expensive, especially if you’re not a professional video editor.

Traditional video editing software often has a steep learning curve, and hiring a professional can quickly break the bank.

It would be best if you had a solution that simplifies video creation without sacrificing quality.

You want to produce eye-catching videos that captivate your audience and drive results.

InVideo promises to be the answer. With its intuitive interface, extensive template library, and AI-powered features, it claims to make video creation accessible to everyone.


Ready to create stunning videos quickly? With 5,000+ templates and an intuitive drag-and-drop editor, InVideo might be the solution you’ve been looking for.

But does it live up to the hype?

In this comprehensive InVideo review for 2024, we’ll dive deep into its capabilities and help you determine if it’s the right tool to elevate your video content.

What is InVideo?

InVideo is a cloud based video editing platform designed to make video creation very easy for everyone, regardless of your experience level.

Think of it as your virtual video editing assistant.

It empowers you to create videos from scratch or customize pre-made templates with your video clips, images, text, background music, and even voiceovers.

One of InVideo’s standout features is its AI video generator, which can automatically create video scripts and visuals based on your text input.

This means you can go from idea to finished video in minutes, even if you have no prior video editing skills.


Who Created InVideo?

Founded in 2017 by Sanket Shah, Pankit Chheda, and Harsh Vakharia, InVideo was born from the vision of making video creation accessible to everyone.

The platform’s intuitive interface, paired with advanced AI video features, makes creating professional-looking videos a breeze, even if you’re a complete beginner.

From its early days as a simple online video editor, InVideo has evolved to offer a comprehensive suite of tools, including an extensive template library, an edit music tab, and even a free version to get you started on your video-creating journey.

Top Benefits of InVideo

  1. User-Friendly Interface: InVideo’s drag-and-drop interface makes it incredibly easy to start creating videos, even if you’re a beginner.
  2. Extensive Template Library: Select from thousands of professionally designed templates tailored for various purposes, from YouTube videos and social media posts to ads and presentations.
  3. Advanced AI Features: InVideo AI simplifies the video creation process, offering features like automated video script generation and text-to-speech conversion.
  4. Intelligent Video Assistant (IVA): This AI-powered tool provides real-time suggestions and guidance to improve your videos, ensuring they look polished and professional.
  5. Vast Media Library: Access millions of royalty-free videos, images, and music tracks to enhance your projects, with an improved search function to find more relevant stock images for your needs.
  6. Revamped Music Engine: InVideo’s updated music engine offers a wide selection of high-quality music tracks and sound effects to set the perfect mood for your videos.
  7. Collaboration Tools: Work seamlessly with your team, sharing projects and feedback in real-time.
  8. Affordable Pricing Plans: InVideo offers flexible pricing options to suit your budget, including a free plan to get you started.
  9. Excellent Customer Support: Get the help you need when you need it with InVideo’s responsive customer support team.
  10. Professional Results: With its intuitive interface and powerful video editing tools, InVideo empowers you to create professional videos that leave a lasting impression.

Best Features of InVideo

InVideo’s cutting-edge AI features set it apart from other video editing software, making video creation a breeze for both seasoned professionals and budding YouTube creators.

Let’s dive into the top 5 features that make InVideo a game-changer:

AI Video Editor

InVideo’s AI video editor acts as your personal video assistant, automating many time-consuming tasks.

It can intelligently analyze your footage, identify the best scenes, and automatically create a polished video.

The AI editor can also suggest background music, add transitions, and even correct colors, saving you hours of manual editing.


AI Voiceover

The AI voiceover feature is a godsend for those who prefer not to use their own voice or hire voice actors.

With a wide range of natural-sounding voices to choose from, you can easily find the perfect voice to narrate your videos.

The AI voiceover even supports all languages, making it easy to create multilingual videos.


All Language Support

InVideo breaks down language barriers with its extensive language support.

Create videos in any language you prefer, with the AI voiceover feature automatically translating and generating voiceovers in the chosen language.

This opens up a world of possibilities for reaching global audiences.


AI Script Generator

Stuck for ideas? InVideo’s AI script generator can help jumpstart your creativity.

Simply input a few keywords or a brief description of your video, and the AI will generate a script for you.

This is a fantastic tool for overcoming writer’s block and quickly developing engaging video content.


AI Text to Video

Transforming your ideas into videos has never been easier.

With InVideo’s AI text-to-video feature, you can simply input your script or blog post, and the AI will automatically generate a video complete with visuals, transitions, and a fitting soundtrack.

This feature is perfect for repurposing existing content or quickly creating videos from your ideas.



InVideo AI Video Generator Pricing

PlanPrice (Monthly)AI Generation TimeiStock MediaStorageExports
Free$010 mins/weekN/A10 GB4/week
Plus$2550 mins/month80/month100 GBUnlimited
Max$60200 mins/month320/month400 GBUnlimited

Pros and Cons

No tool is perfect, and InVideo is no exception. Let’s weigh the advantages and disadvantages to make an informed decision.


  • Beginner-friendly interface.
  • There is a variety of options for different video types.
  • AI-powered tools simplify video creation and editing.
  • Free and paid plans to suit different budgets.


  • Templates can restrict customization.
  • Can be slow or buggy at times.
  • Some features may take some time to master.
  • Free videos have InVideo branding.

Alternatives of InVideo

If InVideo isn’t quite the right fit for you, consider these alternatives:

  • Pictory: Ideal for repurposing content like blog posts and webinars into engaging videos. Offers AI-powered tools to summarize text, create video highlights, and more.
  • Veed.io: A versatile video editor with a user-friendly interface and features like automatic transcription, background removal, and screen recording.
  • Animoto: Perfect for creating quick, eye-catching videos with minimal effort. Offers a vast library of templates and music tracks.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro: A professional grade video editing software with a steep learning curve but unmatched capabilities for advanced editing and effects.
  • Final Cut Pro: A popular choice for Mac users, offering a powerful and intuitive interface for professional video editing.

Personal Experience with InVideo

Our team recently put InVideo to the test for a client’s social media campaign.

With a tight deadline and limited budget, we needed a tool that could help us create engaging videos quickly and easily.


InVideo proved to be the perfect solution, allowing us to:

  • Quickly create multiple video variations: InVideo’s vast template library enabled us to experiment with different styles and formats, tailoring each video to specific platforms and audiences.
  • Collaborate seamlessly: The platform’s real-time collaboration features allowed our team to work together efficiently, providing feedback and making edits in real-time.
  • Leverage AI-powered tools: InVideo’s text-to-video and text-to-speech features streamlined the video creation process, saving us valuable time and effort.
  • Produce professional-looking videos on a budget: InVideo’s affordable pricing plans meant we could deliver high-quality videos without breaking the bank.
  • Track video performance: The built-in analytics tools provided valuable insights into our video’s performance, helping us to optimize future campaigns.

Overall, InVideo proved to be an invaluable asset for our team, empowering us to create engaging, professional-quality videos efficiently and cost-effectively.


InVideo offers a compelling blend of user-friendly tools, AI-powered features, and extensive templates, making it a valuable asset for both beginners and experienced video creators alike.

While it may have limitations in customization and occasional glitches, the overall value proposition is undeniable.

If you’re seeking a streamlined, intuitive platform to create professional-looking videos without a hard learning curve, InVideo is a strong contender.

Give the free version a try and experience its capabilities firsthand.

If you find it aligns with your needs, upgrading to a paid plan unlocks even more creative possibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is InVideo really free?

Yes, InVideo offers a free plan with basic features and limited usage. It’s a great way to test the platform before upgrading to a premium plan for more advanced features and higher export quality.

Can I use InVideo on my mobile device?

While InVideo is primarily a web-based platform, they do offer a mobile app for iOS & Android devices, allowing you to create & edit videos on the go.

Does InVideo offer a free trial?

InVideo doesn’t offer a traditional free trial, but their free plan functions similarly. You can access the basic features and test the platform before deciding to upgrade to a premium plan.

Can I cancel my InVideo subscription anytime?

Yes, you can close your InVideo subscription at any time you want. If you cancel the subscription before your billing cycle ends, you’ll still have access to the features of your chosen plan until the end of the billing period.

Does InVideo have customer support?

Yes, InVideo offers customer support through email and live chat. They also have a help center with articles & tutorials to guide you through any challenges you may encounter.

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