How to Use CapCut Auto Captions in 2024: Easy Guide

by | Last updated Jul 2, 2024

capcut auto captions

Have you ever spent hours adding captions to your videos? It’s a pain.

But did you know there’s an easier way?

CapCut’s auto-caption feature is a game-changer. It not only saves you tons of time but also makes your videos accessible to a larger audience and can even boost views.


Unleash your inner filmmaker with CapCut! Transform ordinary videos into cinematic masterpieces. Download now and start your video editing adventure today!

In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to use CapCut auto captions effortlessly.

Get ready to create awesome videos without the captioning headache.

Why Use CapCut Auto Captions?

Okay, let’s dive into why you should use this awesome tool. Here’s the deal:


Accessible to Everyone

Think about your friends who are deaf or hard of hearing. Captions let them enjoy your videos, too. It’s like giving everyone a front-row seat to your awesome content.

Keep People Glued

Have you ever watched a video on mute? Captions help you follow along, even in noisy places.

Plus, they help people understand your videos better, especially if your audio could be clearer. This means more people watching your videos till the end!

Easier to Find

Search engines like Google love captions. They help your videos show up in more search results. This means more people discover your content.

Save You a Ton of Time

If you’ve ever tried to add auto-captions to your videos by hand, you know it takes forever. However, with CapCut, you can generate captions automatically with just a few clicks.

That means more time creating cool new videos instead of typing out captions.

Let’s face it: CapCut is a handy video editing tool. Its auto-caption feature is a lifesaver, making your videos more accessible, engaging, and easier to find. So, why not give it a shot?

Getting Started

Alright, let’s get this show on the road! If you haven’t already, download the CapCut app on your phone or computer. It’s free and super easy to use.


Once you’ve got CapCut up and running, here’s what you do:

Create a New Project

Think of this like starting a fresh page in your notebook. Tap the “New Project” button to begin your video editing journey.

Import Your Video

Find the video to which you want captions. It’s like choosing the star of your movie. Tap the “Add” button to bring your video into CapCut.

Get Those Captions Rolling

Now for the fun part! We’re going to let CapCut do the heavy lifting. Tap the “Text” option, then choose “CapCut auto caption.”

CapCut will work its magic and create captions for you. Cool, right?

Double-Check and Tweak

While CapCut does a great job, it’s always good to double-check the captions. You should edit captions a bit to make sure they’re perfect.

Remember, it’s way easier to fix a few mistakes than to type out all those manual captions yourself!

And that’s it! You’ve just taken your first steps towards captioning your videos the easy way. In the next section, we’ll dive deeper into how to really make those captions shine.

Generating Auto Captions

Alright, now that you’ve got your video in CapCut, let’s get those captions rolling!

  • Find the Captions Button: Look for the “Text” button at the bottom of the screen. Tap it, and a new menu will pop up.
  • Choose Your Language: You’ll see an option for “Captions”. Give it a tap, and you’ll be asked to pick the language of your video content. Make sure to choose the right one!
  • Let CapCut Work Its Magic: Now, sit back and relax. CapCut will start analyzing your video and generating those captions. It’s like having a super-fast typist do all the work for you!
  • Waiting Game: The time it takes to generate captions depends on how long your video is. If it’s a short clip, it might only take a few seconds. Longer videos could take a couple of minutes. So grab a snack or do a quick dance while you wait.

Once CapCut is done, you’ll see your captions appear on your video timeline. You can tap on them to see how they look with your video content. Pretty cool, huh?

Remember, even though this is video editing software, it’s not perfect. You might need to fix CapCut auto-captions a bit to make sure they’re just right.

But that’s okay; we’ll cover that in the next section. And hey, it’s still way easier than typing out all those captions yourself!

So there you have it! You’ve successfully used the CapCut app to generate captions for your video automatically.

Next, we’ll learn how to make those captions look even better.

Editing and Customizing

Alright, your video has captions, but let’s make them even better! Think of this as adding your personal touch to your creation.


Find Your Captions

On your video timeline, you’ll see your captions lined up like little boxes. Tap on a box to open up the editing tools.

Check for Typos

CapCut does a great job, but it’s not perfect. Read through each caption carefully and fix any mistakes. It’s like proofreading your homework before you hand it in.

Get the Timing Right

Make sure the captions match what’s happening in your video. You don’t want a caption to show up too early or too late. It’s like making sure the music matches the dance moves! To fix the timing, drag the edges of the caption box.

Make it Look Cool

Now for the fun part! You can change how the captions look to match your style.

  • Fonts: Choose a font that’s easy to read and fits the vibe of your video.
  • Colors: Pick colors that stand out and look good against your video background.
  • Backgrounds: Add a colored box or a cool shadow behind your captions to make them pop.

Save Your Masterpiece

Once you’re happy with your captions, tap the “Save” button. Congratulations! You’ve just added some awesome captions to your video file.

Remember, the goal is to make your video as enjoyable as possible for everyone watching. Adding captions is a simple way to do just that.

Plus, it’s a lot more fun than having to add captions or add subtitles manually!

With CapCut, generating auto captions is a breeze. So, go ahead and experiment with different styles and colors. Let your creativity shine!

Tips and Tricks

Now that you’ve got the basics down, let’s level up your caption game! Here are a few tips to make your captions even better:

  • Spice Things Up: Don’t be afraid to get creative! You can add emojis to your captions to make them more fun. Just make sure they match the tone of your video.
  • Sounds Matter Too: If there are important sound effects in your video, add them as captions. For example, if someone claps, you could add “[applause]” to your caption.
  • Who’s Talking?: If your video has multiple people talking, you might want to label who’s saying what. For example, you could write “[Person 1]” before their lines and “[Person 2]” before the other person’s lines.
  • Sharing is Caring: Once you’ve finished adding and styling your captions, it’s time to share your awesome video with the world! CapCut makes it very easy to export your video with captions or even add them as subtitles in different languages.

Remember, practice makes perfect! The more you use CapCut and its auto-generated captions, the better you’ll get at creating amazing videos that everyone can enjoy.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Alright, sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned. But don’t worry; even the best tech has a few hiccups now and then. Here are some common issues you might run into with CapCut’s auto-captions and how to fix them:


Captions Don’t Match:

This can happen if your video has to much background noise or if the speaker has a strong accent. Don’t worry; go in and edit the captions to match the audio.

It’s a little extra work, but it’s worth it to make sure your viewers can understand what’s being said.

Showing Up at the Wrong Time:

Sometimes, the timing of the captions can be a bit off. This can happen if there are pauses or gaps in your audio. Again, it’s easy to fix.

Just drag the caption boxes to the right spots on the timeline.

If you run into any other problems, don’t be afraid to ask for help! There are tons of online tutorials and forums where you can get advice.

And remember, practice makes perfect. The more you use CapCut, the easier it will become to create amazing videos with perfect captions.

So there you have it! You’re now a CapCut auto-caption pro. Get out there and start creating awesome videos that everyone can enjoy. Happy captioning!


That’s a wrap! We’ve covered everything you need to know about using CapCut’s auto-caption feature. Remember, it’s all about making your videos awesome for everyone.

Captions make your videos easier to watch, understand, and find online.

Plus, using CapCut’s auto-captions is super easy. It saves you time and lets you focus on the fun stuff – like making awesome videos.

So go ahead, give it a try! Experiment with different styles and see how captions can take your videos to the next level.

Now it’s your turn to make some magic.

Go out there and create some awesome videos with captions that everyone will love!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are CapCut auto captions accurate?

CapCut’s auto-captions are pretty good, but they might not be 100% perfect, especially if your video has background noise or accents. It’s always a good idea to double-check and edit the captions for accuracy.

Can I change the style of my captions?

Absolutely! CapCut lets you customize the font, color, and size and even add backgrounds to your captions. You can make them match your video’s style perfectly.

Does CapCut offer auto captions in different languages?

Yes! CapCut supports multiple languages for auto-captions. Just make sure to select the correct language for your video when generating the captions.

Can I use CapCut auto captions on my computer?

Yes, you can! CapCut is available as a mobile app and a desktop version so that you can create and edit videos with auto captions on both your phone and computer.

Is it better to use auto-captions or manual captions?

Auto captions are a huge time-saver, but manual captions might be more accurate if your video has complex audio. If you have the time, consider combining both: generate auto-captions and then edit them for perfect accuracy.

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